Records and Statistics

Kills/Deaths (K/D) ratio is usually recognized by people as an indicator of how good a player or a team performance was, and it is a solid indicator in around 75% of situations. However, it is faulty and unfair in other situations, so with that in mind, we wanted a more solid indicator, so we introduced the Rating.

Tournament Configuration

Our team has attended countless events as Cyber Athletes and understand the need to have a competitive platform that is configured to meet the needs of spectators and e-athletes. There are many risk factors in PC gaming which require the use of custom, live back-up mechanisms to prevent any tournament disruption.

Player Representation

CANEO acknowledges that in order for sponsors and fans to connect with gaming personalities they need to be represented in a professional manner. Offering players branding portals through the use of on-site photo opportunities that are re-worked and designed like baseball cards improve ROI and league or event engagement.


Like professional athletes, gamers by trade are highly focused and motivated individuals that want to excel in their own gaming discipline. Organizers must cultivate and manage gaming experiences that offer participants rich media content like; Event MVP, Top 5 Performances, Videos of Live Action and quality photography.


Installing a clear communication line between gamers and the staff that manages events and exhibitions are a key fundamental that is overlooked in many organizations today. Gamers are at the grass roots of gaming movements and provide some of the best feedback our industry needs to grow and multiply.

POV Recording Software

With the recent advances in recording software, they have become more lightweight, and easier on the system. Compared to back then, where we might have choppy framerates, et cetera. We can use free recording software to record a players POV in-game on a video file, and have a webcam pointing at their mouse incase of any cheat accusations or aimlock.

Recommending Hardware

We will bring our expertise in recommending the right hardware for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As every player should maintain 300+ FPS to remain consistent with their gameplay and receive a smooth gaming experience with 144Hz monitors. We as an organization feel as if it’s important to have a good first impression with our eSport players.

Anti-Bullying Campaigns

CANEO can confirm that even today, our population suffer from separatism in the form of racism. It’s in our belief that subjecting gamers to terms and conditions against racism is key to keep a healthy community. Gateway drugs are being used to enjoy gaming as a pastime, however there are people that abuse doping for unfair advantages. We believe it’s imperative to test players that receive salary and large sums of money for winning tournaments to enhance honesty and transparency with fans and sponsors.